About us

Next 30 Years at UHY Fay & Co

It is truly difficult to predict what will happen in the next  30 years but we can always plan and have high hopes for the future.


In the first 30 years of our journey we have managed to fulfil our expectations by placing UHY Fay & Co amongst the top 20 firms of professional services nationally and internationally, through our UHY network. We have opened four offices in Spain and developed a team of more than 100 professionals of the highest calibre.


Following this line of growth, for the next 30 years we can expect no less than being on the top 10 firms of professional services, nationally and internationally. We expect to expand our network of offices in Spain to cover the entire territory and continue with the growth of a team of professionals that share our values.


In order for these future plans to succeed they must build on the basis we have never forgotten:  to add value to the services we offer while doing it with integrity and honesty to support our client’s choice of UHY Fay & Co as their trusted advisors.


Indeed, in the next 30 years we should be able to make our dream come true, a dream in which we have been working towards accomplishing for many years now. To continue helping others from our own UHY Fay & Co platform that should come to fruition in a charitable foundation that will help underprivileged children.


We know that the challenges we are facing are very difficult but we believe that one can only move forward when one looks afar.