About us

Corporate Social Responsibility

UHY Fay & Co has introduced different CSR measures that translate into a number of economic, social and environmental commitments that add value to the firm’s compliance of all its legal obligations, and has the objective of contributing to the social and economic progress within the framework of a sustainable development.


Our CSR policy takes into account the needs and expectations of our interest groups:


  • Clients: delivering always professional services of the highest standards oriented to client service, flexibility, work ethics and results.
  • Professionals: offering a healthy work environment that offers the best work/life balance conditions where there is an open channel for communication between all professionals, independently of their professional category.
  • Society: supporting programs and projects directed to help those social groups that need it the most.
  • Environment: optimizing resources and developing recycling processes.


Our CSR policy goes beyond the legal obligations as it voluntary establishes a number of norms and procedures that benefit society and allows the continuous economic growth of the firm.


Three are the responsibility areas assumed by our CSR policy.



Economic Responsibility

UHY Fay & Co is aware of the importance of a correct and successful integration of the corporate social responsibility with the economic objectives of the firm as it ensures the development of a solid, efficient and competitive corporate system most needed in the era of the global economy.


In its 30 years of existence, the firm has reached a leading position as one of the top 20 professional services firms at a national and international level, with its global network UHY.


UHY Fay & Co devotes efforts and resources to develop its brand, to associate it with its maxim of high quality standards and client service. The firm contributes with its brand to raise the profile of Spanish companies and brands internationally.


The firm makes important contributions to the Spanish Public Administration through the payment of the different taxes and fees. It has also managed to increase progressively the number of professionals working for the firm generating jobs.


UHY Fay & Co offices are equipped with videoconferencing and conference call equipments that helps reducing travel expenses and improve the quality of life of our professionals. With these systems there is no need to travel to assist to a meeting, a conference or a seminar.


UHY Fay & Co invests in technology to continuously improve the reliability and technical quality of our services. Technology reduces the amount of time requested to finish engagements, allows high security storage, increases client satisfaction and helps to maintain competitive levels needed to develop our professional practice.


Social Responsibility

One of UHY Fay & Co’s essential assets is people, this is why the firm develops a management policy oriented to reach a work/life balance for its professionals introducing tools and measures focused to obtain this objective.


Some of these measures include an open communication channel for all professionals, implementation of gender equality policies and conciliation of professional and personal life, management of talent, acknowledgment of the performance of the different professionals, and designing specific careers models.


These principles boost a corporate project with a sustainable growth through a high degree of compromise from the professionals that form the firm, our greatest asset.


Our responsibility towards society materializes through our support to projects that benefit those groups that need it the most. Also through an ethical practice of our profession where integrity, total transparency and good management practices are a must. Our contribution also shows through our rigorous fulfilment of the legislation and combat to corruption and money laundering.


UHY Fay & Co actively supports “Proyecto Horizonte” that helps people with drug problems and “Aspandem” that takes care and protect disable people.


Environmental Responsibility

At UHY Fay & Co we try to develop our activity taking care of the environment promoting, amongst our professionals, sustainable practices that minimized the consumption of electricity, paper and water, and support recycling of materials.


Offices at UHY Fay & Co have been designed to favour energy reduction. This way we have walls made of glass to make better use of natural light.


We have established recycling procedures with great results. All internal communications and memos, and many external ones too, are sent electronically to save great amounts of paper. We also have a document managing system that allows us to file documents and upload them to the net without having to print them.


We have also established a system to treat toxic waste like ink cartridges and batteries that are storage and recycled following the current environmental norms.


The videoconference and conference call systems installed in our offices reduce work trips by car, train or plain contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases.