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Annual Congress of the European Association of Lawyers

Next June 19th will take place in Malaga the Annual Congress of the European Association of Lawyers (UAE). UHY Fay & Co is official sponsor of the congress due to the Firm’s close relationship with the UAE since Agustín Cruz, partner of the firm and director of the legal area in Malaga, is Vicepresident of the UAE.

The theme of the congress is: “The Citizen at the heart of the European Union: from the Convention and the Charter to our days”. The status of the European citizen, and its many facets, will be the subject of in-depth analysis, first from a constitutional perspective of protection of fundamental rights, including its application to family law and social law, and then from the perspective of the exercise of the right of establishment and freedom of services. We will also examine the status of Citizenship with regard to the impact of setting up an area of freedom, security and justice, including in respect of freedom of communication and data protection.

Mr. Francisco Pérez de los Cobos y Oruel, President of the Spanish Constitutional Court, along with other eminences, will be in charge of opening the congress.

As the Programme shows, we shall have a number of eminent speakers, including academics, judges and lawyers, who will ensure that the various sub-themes are dealt with thoroughly, as well as a lively and interesting discussion. The excellent social programme offered by the Malaga Congress is also to be highlighted.


Registration for the Annual UAE Congress will be open up to June 17th, 2015: