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Gold Star to Excellence

Last Friday October 21st, 2016 took place the Golden Star Awards ceremony organized by the Institute for Professional Excellence (IPE) in which UHY Fay & Co was granted a Golden Star, in recognition to its professional trajectory, and commitment to Excellence.

The IPE was founded to identify quality and to certify the commitment of professionals and companies in order to reward its work, effort and professionalism. The IPE seeks to encourage, promote, and certify those professionals and companies for their continuous growth and dedication to excel professionally.

The Golden Star granted to UHY Fay & Co is a symbol that reflects its ethics, professionalism and results. The Firm capacity to innovate and to promote economic and social development with a philosophy oriented to provide maximum quality services in accordance with its strong Social Corporate Responsibility practices.

diploma-final 2016-10-24-10-49-18