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Max Gosh awarded Best Auditor of the year

Max Gosch, Founding Partner and Director of UHY Fay & Co’s Madrid Office, has built his reputation as an expert in audit over many decades – and his knowledge and commitment were recognised by the industry he serves in December when he was awarded Best Auditor of 2015.

The REA and REGA (Corporation of Auditors of the Council General of Economists) is one of Spain’s two professional accountancy bodies, on which Max has been an active member for many years – he is currently coordinator of its CSR commission, as well as a member of the Technical Committee.

At the annual Audit Meeting, where audit companies and professionals of the sector have been discussing key audit issues for the past six years, Max was recognised for his continued support and involvement. The jury honoured him with the Best Auditor Award for his continuous effort to inform and provide data on the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and also for his work, along the years, in searching for new professional opportunity for auditors.

Max comments: “In the present context organizations need to continue developing their internal control, ethics and sustainability, especially with Good Corporate Governance and Anticorruption policies. For this reason we are exploring new business opportunities in these assurance services such as Sustainability Report Verification applying ISAE 3000”.