Energy and Environmental

Spain ranks fifth in energy consumption within the European Union. Because 80% of this energy is imported, the government is assessing new alternatives, such as reactivation of nuclear energy production or bigger investments in renewables. Coupled with the liberalization of the market, this situation has resulted in a new energy map in Spain and Europe.


UHY Fay & Co understands that the intricate, and varied circumstances of the energy sector render it more difficult to understand, let alone manage. Relying on our skilled resources and expertise in audit, accounting, risk analysis, sustainability, business and financial strategies amongst others, will certainly improve your visibility of the whole picture.


Regarding the environmental sector, it is a fact that this sector is not a future bet anymore but a present one. During the economical crisis employment in the sector has not grown, however concepts such as recycling, reused, energetic saving, coherent management of waste have been integrated in a big part of our society’s life.


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