What is AIM?

The Alternative Investment Market (AIM) is the world’s leading market for smaller, growing companies from across the globe. It offers such companies, from any sector, the chance to go public at an earlier stage in their development.


AIM – a growing market

In 1995, there were less than 200 admissions to the AIM compared to around 1,700 by 2007. By June 2011 the total market value of all companies on AIM was over £75 billion, demonstrating the increasing appeal that this market holds. 


Below we have listed some key facts and figures to give an indication of the extent of the AIM market (as at July 2013):


Number of companies: 1,086

  • Non-UK companies: 229
  • UK companies: 857

Number of admissions: 3,410

  • Non-UK admissions: 607
  • UK admissions: 2,803

Active share trading from July 2012-13 

  • total turnover value: £27 billion
  • number of bargains: 5,445,906 


What does an AIM quotation offer?

  • A flexible regulatory regime
  • Access to a unique, globally respected market
  • Access to a wide pool of capital
  • Enhanced profile – resulting in heightened interest in your company
  • Increased status and credibility
  • Currency ofr an easier rules on acquisition
  • Eligibility for a range of tax benefits