Insolvency and Turnaround


Recent trends have seen an increasing number of insolvency problems largely due to the ease with which individuals used to obtain credit coupled with the ability to petition for your own insolvency procedure. However, insolvency can be more complicated than some may assume – especially when the debtor has assets.


Our Corporate Finance team provides advice and assistance to individuals and companies concerned with personal insolvency issues. We can assist individuals and companies avoid a potentially disastrous slide into bankruptcy.



There often are ways of rescuing or restructuring, helping return a business to a profitable state. A speedy rescheduling of debt may be all that is needed to avert financial disaster.


Early assessment and advice is vital. You will need to know the potential solutions to your problems. We will help with whatever measure is needed:


  • Examining your immediate cash requirements
  • Restructuring bank and equity financing
  • Disposing of any surplus business assets
  • Maximise your debt recovery