Doing business in Spain

In an increasingly global marketplace, many businesses wish to extend their interests beyond their home country.


We will find access to critical information on starting a business in Spain. Our professional team will assist you in:


  • Acquisition appraisals, due diligence, and investment project analysis
  • Selecting the best location for your business
  • Deciding which legal structure suits better your business
  • Raising finance for your foreign operations
  • Locating grants and incentives from the European Union, the government, and other regional and municipal sources
  • Finding key personnel
  • Valuation of business and shares
  • Stock market rules and code of practice
  • Pre-immigration tax planning


Our downloadable publication of  Doing-Business-in-Spain is a key tool for business owners looking to set-up or expand in Spain. This useful resource provides a wide range of information on all aspects of the set-up including a summary of the local business environment, employment and taxation issues, accounting and reporting requirements.