Civil Law

 Our team is specialized in the following areas of Civil Law:


Individuals, Family and Inheritance Law

    • Advisory, elaboration and filing of all type of documentation related to aplications for nationality, tutelage or guardianship, declaration of absence and death, marriage settlement, divorce, separation and marriage nullity.
    • Matters related to adoption and parent-child relationships. Analysis and advisory in cases of succession because of death or by virtue of a title, wills or divisions.
    • Advisory and elaboration of projects, studies and documents related to civil companies.

Our team is specialized in the following areas of Civil Law:


Renting & Leasing

    • Advisory, negotiation and elaboration of rental or lease agreements for all types of property and premises (houses, apartments, mixed-use buildings, shopping malls, warehouses, offices, etc.), as well as hotel lease and management agreements.


Real Estate 

    •  Advisory on all legal aspects and types of agreements relating to the real estate industry. Horizontal law, property registry, sales and purchase transactions, corporate restructurings, guarantees, etc.
    • Documents and studies related to the promotion of buildings, commercial centres, residences, etc
    • Consitution, modificationa and extinguishment of real rights.