Commercial Law

UHY Fay & Co has a team of professionals specialized in Commercial Law that covers the following areas:



    • Constitution of companies and creation of company structures
    • Acquisition and selling of companies LBOs and MBOs
    • Mergers and demerger of companies and group of companies
    • Venture capital or private equity investments
    • Joint venture agreements
    • Corporate reorganisation
    • Preparation and assistance to shareholder meetings or boards of directors
    • Impugment of social agreements, defense of shareholders, etc.


Financial & Banking

    • Advisory on financing agreements, guarantees, sindicated credits, loans, special agreements for financial products and banking agreements.
    • Securitization of assets



    • Pension plans and pension funds
    • Advisory on insurance agreements
    • Advisory in the areas of regulation and supervision



    • Advisory, preparation, application and guidance in insolvency proceedings
    • Advisory and formalization of anticipated agreement
    • Participation in the calification process
    • Defense in reimbursement actions
    • Elaboration of agreement proposals and viability plans



    • Advisory in the preparation, presentation, negotiation, conclusion and development of all type of mercantile agreements
    • Advisory related to agreement with consumers and users


Intellectual & Industrial Property

    • Advisory in the protection of intellectual property (domain names, copyright, visual and image rights, etc.)
    • Advisory in the protection of industrial property (brands, designs, patents, etc.)
    • Elaboration of agreements and advisory when contracting intellectual and industrial rights
    • Unfair competiton
    • Advertisement