We have a team of lawyers with the experience and resources to solve any type of dispute. We provide special advisory on the following areas:



    • Represent and defend clients in all type of proceedings
    • Design and implementation of pre-litigation strategies
    • Resolve conflicts through arbitration,  litigation, or agreements
    • Recognition and execution of foreign judgements
    • Manage multi-jurisdictional disputes



    • We represent and defend clients in criminal proceedings, with special expertise in crimes related to financial criminal law
    • Criminal due diligence (risk assessment) in order to evaluate, prevent and warn on possible corporate offenses



    • Represent and defend clients in proceeding against the administration before all jurisdictional authorities



    • Arbitration and resolution of extra-judicial conflicts
    • Representation of clients on wrongful dismissals
    • Representation and defend companies against individual conflicts of workers. Collective agreements presented by workers or sindicates



    • Elaboration and design of agreements and arbitration agreements in contracts and transactions
    • Intervention in arbitration proceedings