Restructuring family owned businesses

We have worked alongside privately owned businesses for many years so we understand your needs and have built expertise to provide solutions to your problems.


We do not limit our advice to technical aspects, we also consider other aspects that are specific of family owned businesses, such as:


  • Succession planning
  • Creation of the board of directors
  • Creation of the family advisory board
  • Preparation of the company protocol
  • Preparation of the family memorandum
  • Registration of of the company protocol and family memorandun in the Company Registry
  • Advise in the setting up of corporate structures to adequately separate operating companies and asset holding companies


With new clients we always have an initial meeting to discuss their circumstances and requirements. Thereafter, we will restructure your company in the best way possible to meet your requirements and maximize its profitability.


Once the company is restructured we can also help to fulfill a number of general duties that are enforced upon the administrator of a company under Spanish Law.