Special tax projects

We provide assistance with Special Tax Projects of companies, often involving very stringent and complicated transactions. Such services include:


  • Transfer and transmission of shares
  • Increase in share capital, creation of new share classes
  • Splits of shares, reductions in share capital
  • Mergers, splits, acquisitions and application for tax relief
  • Drafting and re-drafting statutes
  • Winding up of companies
  • Dividend and advanced dividend minutes
  • Change of company name
  • Re-registration of private companies as private/public companies
  • Re-registration of public companies as private companies
  • Change of date of the closing of the financial year
  • Change of the registered office
  • Change of directors
  • Redomiciliation of companies: change of the nationality of the company and registered address to other jurisdiction, adapting the bylaws of the company to the requirements of the new jurisdictions.
  • Holding companies, including family holding companies
  • “Accordion operations”: reduction and simultaneous capital increase in order to re-establish necessary equity levels.
  • Drafting of mercantile contracts as a consequence of reorganising the financial situation of the company.