UHY International

Why UHY?

UHY offers an exceptional competitive advantage. It allows us to share experiences and know-how with more than 7,000 professionals worldwide, to organize multidisciplinary work teams for transnational operations and have access to voer 270 offices in 87 countries. The UHY network ensures that wherever you are and whatever the business you want to do UHY Fay & Co will be able to help you achieve your business objectives effectively.


Clients like working with UHY’s approachable and down-to-earth individuals who can offer innovative and practical solutions tailor-made to client’s needs.


It is the UHY culture what really makes the difference for clients. The member firms know each other well; they are aware of each firm’s specialist sector knowledge and about each other’s individuals expertise. Moreover, members are familiar with each other on personal level through meeting and working together regularly. 


It is the this cohesiveness that differentiates UHY from other international networks.