The Arbistar case, an alleged Spanish Ponzi with thousands affected

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Criminal law services to defend your rights in any jurisdiction against Arbistar 2.0

The situation of uncertainty that Arbistar 2.0 Oficial clients are experiencing is current due to the possibility of not recovering the investments or the benefits that correspond to them. To all this is added the possibility that the money invested is no longer in Spain or that Arbistar 2.0 Oficial declares that it does not have enough capital to pay all investors.

The usual practice in pyramid scams committed through electronic means shows us that, even with a conviction by the Spanish courts, it is common that the amounts invested are not recovered because they have been diverted to another country or because their whereabouts are unknown. This would mean leaving thousands of families without their savings and without any compensation for the damage suffered.

The criminal law team at UHY Fay & Co has great capacity and experience handling cases of this nature, which has been demonstrated by obtaining, among others, a conviction against Mr. Germán Cardona Soler, in the well-known Forex case. Furthermore, we are currently representing our clients, before the US authorities, in another pyramid scheme case, the PONZI scheme, so that the victims are financially compensated for the damage suffered.

Therefore, we are not only widely trained to defend the interests of victims of a pyramid scam before the Spanish Courts. We also have large experience in defending the interests of said victims before foreign Courts thanks to being an international multidisciplinary firm, with access to over 300 offices in more than 100 countries, which allows us to defend and claim before the Courts of any country to the same quality standards effectively and successfully.

Recent information indicates a relationship between Arbistar 2.0 Official and the Russian Darknet, which is why we have already contacted the our colleagues in Russia to work in a coordinated way collecting the necessary information and data, with the intention to exercise any legal actions if required, aimed at ensuring that those affected by Arbistar 2.0 can be financially compensated in the future. It is useless to obtain a criminal conviction if Arbistar 2.0 does not have any assets in Spain.

Our team of  criminal law at UHY Fay & Co, led by Agustín Cruz, with extensive experience in cases of pyramid scams, cyber and socioeconomic crimes, is at your service to defend your rights in any jurisdiction against Arbistar and those responsible, with the sole objective that the injured parties can recover the investment made.

Agustín Cruz
Partner – Lawyer specialized in Criminal Law



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