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We understand your business


Our clients include individuals, private companies, partnerships, trusts, the public sector and joint ventures that carry out national and international operations.

We help companies to add value to each operations they carry out with our solid knowledge of the sector where they focus their activity. We offer local and global advisory through over 300 offices in more than 100 countries, where our network UHY is present.



We wanted an advisor who would understand our vision, share our values, and work efficiently with the size and structure of Grupoarbulu

A growing global population, pressure on land use, environmental concerns and scientific developments are leading to major changes in the agriculture and forestry sectors.

We have experience of working with clients across the industry and its supply chain.  From small scale farming operations and estates through to global agricultural operations, our specialists have an in-depth understanding of the unique issues faced.



Technology advances, fierce competition and improvements in manufacturing techniques have led to a transformation of the automotive industry.

We provide a wealth of experience to companies of all sizes across the spectrum of the automotive industry chain, from small component suppliers through to vehicle manufacturers and retailers.

Through our global network we are able to ensure clients have access to more country-specific advice in areas such as transfer pricing, import duties, risk analysis, commercial and financial strategies and local outsourcing requirements.

This sector is characterised by a constant evolution in products and technical processes due to the high demand and fierce competition.

We offer global solutions that adjust to the particular needs of your business. Relying on our skilled resources and expertise in:

  • Audit
  • Accounting
  • Risk analysis
  • Sustainability
  • Business
  • National and international
  • Financial strategies

We understands that the intricate, and varied circumstances of the energy sector render it more difficult to understand, let alone manage. Relying on our skilled resources and expertise in audit, accounting, risk analysis, sustainability, business and financial strategies amongst others, will certainly improve your visibility of the whole picture.

Regarding the environmental sector, it is a fact that this sector is not a future bet anymore but a present one, concepts such as recycling, reused, energetic saving, coherent management of waste have been integrated in a big part of our society’s life.

The financial sector of banks and insurance is very intricate and is bound to continuous change. It faces a market with great challenges of risk control, regulation compliance and corporate government. Additionally, globalization of markets provoked the highest levels of competition and dynamism, where merges and acquisitions are constant, not to forget the tremendous investments on communication technology in order to speed operations.


The fast tempo has created new consumer habits that demand innovative ways across the supply chain. This particular circumstance implies constant challenges to be competitive such as:

  • Hefty investments in food technology, food processing and packaging.
  • Fulfilment of strict health norms.
  • Improvement on the food handling processes.
  • Enhancement of the distribution channels

We are fully aware of the needs of this sector, provides a full range of integral professional services of the highest quality with the objective of minimizing investment risks, finding opportunities to be more competitive and reducing the time invested in all administrative, accounting and legal aspects so that you can focus on your business.

In the last decade, Spanish family-owned companies developed greatly and are now at the same level as their European counterparts.

We have insightful knowledge of these sector and a highly qualified team of experts that will carry out an effective and precise study of your business, along with the market situation, its legal and labour aspects and the tax and accounting requirements in each circumstance.


Companies that produce industrial products play in a competitive global terrain full of challenges and risks. Hefty investments are incurred in technological development, compliance with rigorous regulations, that vary from one country to the other, and investigation of new markets with lower salary requirements.

We understands your needs and offers integrated and innovative professional services that include risk and sensitivity analysis, merger and acquisitions evaluations (Due Diligence), audit and international tax advisory, amongst many other, with the clear objective of improving your business profitability.

The Media and Entertainment industry is undergoing constant changes due to the rapid development of technology.

To maintain its place in the market, the sector has been forced to invest heavily in development and in updating human and technical resources to follow the vertiginous rhythm imposed by the market.

Accordingly, the structure of these companies must also be modified to match this global market, where there are no territorial nor linguistic barriers. We can provide sound advise on developing strategies to leverage digital technology and manage companies characterised by consolidation and convergence.

In a world controlled by multinationals, the stock market, telecommunications and the search for new markets, we ought to value the importance of all the Not for Profit Organizations, those which are not market or money driven.

We know well that these organizations, like any other, need the support of professionals to manage the following:

  • Financial and corporate aspects
  • Accountancy
  • Technology improvements
  • Location of grants and incentives
  • Bookkeeping and a long list of requirements that guarantee the well-being of the organization.

Our private equity team is well equipped with the necessary technical skills, promising a precise output for every step of a transaction to optimise the financial structure of your company. We have extensive experience in strategic analysis, forensic, tax and legal advise of transactions in addition to structuring and restructuring and Corporate Finance.

Furthermore, our well-established international network allows us to offer both a national and international multidisciplinary integrated services in over 100 countries.

Economic policies and regulation, public administration and management of revenue and public expenditure constitute the public sector. Naturally, all these aspects have a direct impact in our society so all the developments they undergo will positively reflect on the services citizens receive.

We believe that the public sector deserves continuous and efficient development. The Public Administration can benefit from the services of professional firms like UHY Fay & Co from whom it is expected the utmost level of expertise and dedication, providing services including audit, accounting, consulting and payroll management, tax and corporate, business advisory services, international and specialty services amongst other.

We have a profound knowledge of the real estate and construction sectors and can offer a full range of professional services that includes:

  • Acquisition appraisals, Due Diligence, and investment project analysis.
  • Increase in share capital, creation of new share classes.
  • Raising finance for your foreign operations.
  • Risk analysis.
  • Tax and corporate services
  • Advisory on business structures
  • Business services and outsourcing
  • Payroll and bookkeeping

The market share gained by the big distributors, new consumption and food habits, increase in legislation and regulation and the opening of the European Union are factors that have changed this sector.

We work to offer solutions to the problems that arise with improvement of Internal controls, efficiency and flexibility in the supply chain or the compliance of new regulations.This is achieved through our services of tax planning and compliance, financial reporting, strategic planning, audit, accounting or risks assessment.

The technology sector undergoing constant regulatory and market changes because it is in continuous revolution and globalization, this creates complex financial, legal and accountancy structures.

We have the resources to offer a full range of professional services including audit, accountancy, legal and corporate advisory, international and national tax compliance in over 100 countries.

Tourism is one of the most lucrative and fastest growing sectors in Spain due to the country’s geographical, climatic and cultural characteristics.

The enormous turnover of business of these companies, along with their continuous international expansion make them complex in structure and management. We have wide experience in this sector and we feel comfortable offering solutions tailored to the needs of your business globally.

The transport sector has undergone a great development due in part to the higher level of security, availability and prices dictated by users and, naturally, to globalisation.

Our professionals are endowed with the knowledge and global experience of the transport sector, complemented with the awareness of all legal and regulatory requirements of each territory. This will have the effect of maximizing profitability through using the right economic and legal measures.