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The audit of the public sector can be defined as a systematic process in which, always objectively, the financial, administrative and technical operations carried out are evaluated, as well as the objectives, plans, programs and goals achieved by the entities and agencies of the public sector. the Public Administration, to determine if the information or conditions are consistent with the established regulations. In the Spanish case, the General Intervention of the State Administration (IGAE) is in charge of establishing the Public Sector Audit standards.

On October 25, 2019, the IGAE approved the adaptation of the Public Sector Auditing Standards to the International Auditing Standards. As a consequence, the current 34 public sector auditing standards (NIA-ES-SP) were created, followed by the corresponding explanatory regulations, a glossary of terms and a Code of Ethics for Public Auditing, which completes the regulations on independence and incompatibility of the IGEA.

At the international level, all countries are progressing towards a public sector and AA.PP. more diligent, taking a significant commercial direction, with greater adaptability and a local orientation. Consequently, transparency and legal compliance have become one of the goals of all public officials and managers.

At UHY Fay and Co we know well the peculiarities of control in the Public Administration, which is why we offer specialized services in this area. We have extensive experience in auditing and assurance services, being able to provide techniques for analysis, investigation, observation, compliance testing or processing large volumes of data.

Our audits have added value in the planning, execution and conclusion phases, since they go beyond the mandatory compliance approach and its areas of action.

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