International tax challenges

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International tax challenges raised by mobility of individuals

The development of digitalization and disruptive technologies has enhanced the global mobility of individuals / workforce. The COVID-19 pandemic has further boosted mobility and relocations of individual / workers thereby raising unprecedented interpretative issues of existing and future international rules. In this context the International Tax Law Research and Policy Network (ITRN), the founders of which include Professors from University of Lausanne, University of Belgrade and University of Carlos III Madrid as well as from Practise, has launched a book project aimed at tackling cross-border tax issues linked to individuals in light of mobility permitted by digitalization. In this regard, the book not only addresses issues linked to international individual taxation but also discusses international corporate tax issues that arise from movement of individuals / workforce.

UHY Fay & Co is one of the sponsors of this book and several representatives of the firm will attend the conferences in Belgrade, next October 6 and 7 to participate  in the different sessions and round tables that will address the different situations and their tax implications.

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