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Tax Advisory

Tax Specialist

In our tax advisory department we consider all aspects related to national and international taxation of any project we face. At UHY Fay & Co we cover the full range of tax advisory services that our clients may need.

Creating an effective fiscal policy requires an expert team that can work with the Government to submit and explain the specific information needed, clarify the objectives, and achieve favorable results.

We provide tax advice with a comprehensive and efficient approach by professionals with extensive experience in the sector. We offer a service with a high degree of expertise to help companies, foundations, associations and the self-employed at all times.

In many cases, the inability of the company to take on fiscal management may undermine the optimal development of the company. For this reason, our tax attorneys can carry out a comprehensive and personalized tax audit to identify each of the issues that need to be addressed.

We offer

International tax
Corporate tax and special regimes
Tax inspections and tax procedures
Real Estate tax
Reorganization of companies
Taxation of Family Owned Companies
Transfer pricing
VAT and indirect taxes
Pre-immigration or relocation tax planning
Advisory to high net worth individuals

International tax

We know the tax regulation applicable in the different jurisdictions and the particular norms that can affect your business such as customs duty, fees and exchange control. In addition, we have UHY, our international network, that give us access to offices in over 100 countries and 8,500 professionals with whom to form multidisciplinary international teams according to the needs of the client. Our objective is to maximize your tax efficiency globally.

Our team of tax specialists will provide successful international tax advisory and corporate structuring. This will be accomplished through an innovative approach to international tax issues, including:

  • Controlled foreign companies legislation
  • Double tax treaties relief
  • European Directives
  • Thin capitalisation
  • Transfer pricing. (incluir link a la página de transfer pricing).

Corporate tax and special regimes

We are specialized in offering tax advisory and tax compliance services to companies.

Our team is specialized in the management, accounting and settlement of corporation tax, as well as in tax procedures and sanctioning regime. Essential issues for good business management, be it an SME or a large company.

Our team offers a qualified service that takes into account the planning, financial accounting and compliance with the tax obligations of each company. They also maintain permanent communication with the tax authorities, a key point when making inquiries and solving complex situations.

Tax inspections and tax procedures

We have a team of tax advisers specialized in tax procedures and sanctioning regime, with long experience in representing clients before the Tax Agency, both in cases of minor clarifications and in others of great seriousness and economic significance, where the figure of the specialist is essential to define a sustainable fiscal strategy focused on obtaining the best results.

We have solid experience and we work rigourously to find the correct angle and documentation to support the eligibility of the claim, meeting all deadlines to guarantee the accomplishment of the claim. We will be in touch with you during the whole process:

  • Providing an initial evaluation of the financial aspects of the claim
  • Identifying key points and strategies to face the claim
  • Assisting to find valuable documentation to support claim
  • Advising you from beginning to end
  • Elaborating an expert report to use it during the claim

Real Estate tax

Any real estate transaction always has a tax repercussion. Likewise, the ownership of real estate is also subject to specific taxes that require specialized knowledge in the taxation of real estate operations.

Professionals in the sector, such as developers or real estate agents, count on us when evaluating the tax consequences and the tax burden that a certain real estate operation implies. We offer specialized knowledge, permanently updated, necessary to carry out optimal tax planning that allows managing the tax burden of companies in the real estate sector. Our services include:

  • Tax planning of the different real estate operations
  • Knowledge of the direct and indirect taxes that are imposed on real estate operations.
  • Identify in each operation the taxes to be applied and their repercussion.
  • Settlement and management of all local taxes.

Reorganization of companies

We have the ability and resources to help you set up or reorganise your company group to:

  • Maximise the efficiency of transactions between the different companies
  • To find synergies between companies’ costs, distribution of dividends and the organization of shared events

Our tax specialist have long experience in operations of mergers, divisions, shares exchanges or any other formula that will allow us to minimised fiscal costs, at a national and international level.

Taxation of Family Owned Companies

We have a team of tax advisors specialized in the tax regime that affects family owned business and the tax benefits of this type of companies, such as Wealth Tax or Inheritance and Gift Tax.

We will help you design the most appropriate corporate structure, the one that guarantees that the interests and rights of the shareholders are taken into account and allows the highest profitability rates.

+ Service Family Owned Businesses

Transfer pricing

Our transfer pricing specialists help you develop, manage, document, administer and defend your transfer pricing policies and align them with your business strategy.

+ Service Transfer Pricing

VAT and indirect taxes

VAT can affect all aspects of an organisation and it is complex in practice. We appreciate that every organisation is different and the emphasis of our work is to solve individual problems in a practical manner to support your overall business goals.

When we carry out national or international projects we make sure to use the local knowledge and expertise of the members of our global network, present in more than 100 countries, to offer expert advice and management in VAT and indirect taxation, always looking for savings opportunities.

Pre-immigration or relocation tax planning

Foreign citizens wishing to become Spanish residents require specific tax advice, as an operation has different tax implications in different countries. Adequate tax advice for a change of residence can result in considerable savings.

The different tax treatment that the same operation receives in the country of origin and in Spain must be taken into account. Our tax experts will be able to advise you on national and international tax matters for both companies and natural persons.

Advisory to high net worth individuals

The taxation associated to individuals is highly complex, since not only the personal income tax is applicable, but also, depending of the autonomous community where you live, the wealth tax and the inheritance and gift tax are required.

Receiving advice on personal taxation can often save costs. It is important to carry out a good planning of your income, investments, your succession and assets, both personal and business, and for this it is essential to have the advice of experts in internal, national, regional and international tax regulations.

In our department we have professionals who have extensive experience in tax advisory to large national and international assets. Find following some of the services we can help you with:

  • Studies on wealth planning
  • Studies on succession planning
  • Studies on taxation and income flows oriented to savings.