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Responsibilities for a better future

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is the voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental development carried out by companies to improve their competitiveness and added value.

It does not always requires new actions by the companies. In many cases, a change in the management of its main activity, including certain criteria and controll of human resources, is enough.

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We offer

  • Verification of CSR’s memories and Integrated Reports
  • Preliminary analysis for the integration of CSR
  • Implementation of CSR models
  • Equality and Conciliation Plan
  • Inclusiveness Plan and Dialogue with Stakeholders
  • Audit and advisory in management of the chain supply

  • Criminal responsibility of partners and administrators
  • Implementation of models to prevent crime
  • Verification of administrator’s retribution blueprint
  • Codes of conduct and protocols of good Corporate Government
  • Supervision of the operation of the Administration Board
  • Audit on administrator’s civil responsibility insurance
  • Management of fraud. Anti-corruption Manual

  • Money laundering prevention and terrorism financing
  • Data protection
  • Sectorial reports on regulation compliance
  • Risk management models (RMM)
  • Report and risk matrix