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Accounting advice and Labor Advice

Foreign companies with Spanish operations frequently rely on us for monthly management accounts. Compliance service ensures that all legal requirements concerning corporate accounting and taxation are fulfilled and include the preparation and filing of all tax returns.

Our accounting services or business services department aims to improve your business. Therefore, our services are not limited to keeping your accounts, we also analyze the trends in operations and financial ratios.

Our accounting advisors are specialized in both accounting and financial reporting and have extensive experience in accounting advice to international companies that carry out high level or international transactions.

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Our Accounting Advisory services include:

Cloud accounting
Financial accounting and tax obligatons
Cash Flow and Profit Forecast
Accounting Management
Economic-Financial Outsourcing

Cloud accounting

92% of business owners feel they’re trapped in the day to day running of their companies. We can give you the time back, whether that’s processing invoices, chasing debts, making supplier payments or even helping drive strategy at board level.

Our cloud accounting department allows your accounting to be always up to date and give you access to all the information of your company 24/7 from any device.

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Financial accounting and tax obligatons

The Commercial Code and Mercantile Legislation in Spain require the maintenance and updating of the accounting books. Failure to comply with this obligation may have serious legal consequences for administrators or businessmen regardless of the severe measures that the Tax Administration may adopt. Our accounting advisory team can carry out an accounting audit to assess the situation of your company and help you with the following tasks:

  • Preparation of monthly accounting
  • Periodic VAT declarations
  • Periodic declarations of Withholdings
  • Annual declaration of withholdings practiced
  • Periodic declarations of Corporation Tax
  • Annual Accounts, which includes the financial statements, the memoir and management report
  • Annual declaration of Corporation Tax
  • Annual declaration of operations with third parties

Likewise, our accounting department or business services department ensures that all legal needs related to accounting and corporate tax are met. Services include the preparation and filing of all tax returns

Cash Flow and Profit Forecast

When planning the short or long terms funding requirements of a business, you have to forecast the cash flow and project profitability margins to check the feasibility of your business.

We will assist you in the preparation of cash flow or profit forecasts by assisting in the development and documentation of underlying assumptions and in developing approaches upon which to base future operating results.

Accounting Management

We offer specialized accounting advice, with extensive experience as providers of accounting management service to public and private companies.

Regardless of the size and complexity of the fiscal and financial structure of your company, our business services department guarantees a service where the different options will always be evaluated when making a decision and you will choose the one that ensures an improvement in the profitability of your business company.

Before starting work, we will carry out an accounting audit to have a real vision of the company.

Economic-Financial Outsourcing

The administration detail of running a company can consume far more resources than businesses anticipate. Meeting regulatory filing and reporting requirements, maintaining records, or preparing financial filings according to schedule and form, are burdens that can distract entrepreneurs from the more essential task or running a business.

Outsourcing your company offers a solution to this burden and brings many benefits including direct access to professional advisers, increased efficiency and cost savings.

We offer various packages and will tailor our service to cater for the needs of your individual company or groups of companies.

Our Labor Advisory services include:

Labor Advisory

Labor Advisory

Our team is highly qualified and have extensive experience in optimizing labour management. Besides that, they are permanently alert to modifications on Labour legislations to solve your doubts and questions efficiently.

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