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Our team is highly qualified and have extensive experience in optimizing labour management. Besides that, they are permanently alert to modifications on Labour legislations to solve your doubts and questions efficiently.

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We can organise the entire labour system of your company with minimal input from you. We will work to reduce costs, minimize capital investments, focus on the main assets of the business and transform fixed overheads into variable.


We advise you in adopting the adequate negotiation strategies to obtain the most beneficial results in future work relations between the company and its employees; we negotiate collective agreements with syndicates and the committees that constitute them; we provide sound advise in any arbitration process related to labour union claims.


+Information on Collective Bargaining

  • Labour Contracts
  • Human Resources
  • Collective Negotiation & Labour Relations
  • Labour Reorganization & Decentralization
  • Litigation
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Social Security & Prevision Systems
  • Expatriates & Impatriates

Advise and labour planning, contractual legislation, bonus and work suspension and extinguishment are some of the subjects in which we can help  you so that you always take the correct decisions.

Apart from employees’ contracts register in the General Regime of the Social Security we can also give specific advise on contracts register in the Executive’s Special Regime.

We help you evaluate and build up executive and employee remuneration packages as there are tax and social security savings that could be achieved with an optimum package which would benefit both the company and the employee.

The criteria used to develop these packages includes the following:

  • Fix salary
  • Variable salary
  • Mix of fix and variable salary
  • Salary with bonus based on benefits in kind elements (car, health care, house…)

  • Design of mobility strategies
  • Agreements of mobility or expatriation
  • Tax advisory of implications and obligations, to the company and the expat
  • Analysis of best labour options
  • Advisory on Social Security implications and obligations

We will evaluate the extent of the risks that your company is facing in order to elaborate and make your company adopt the right prevention measures to avoid future risks and, therefore,  hefty fines for failure to comply with the law.

Amongst the aspects we will evaluate are the following:

  • Identify and evaluate risks
  • Prevention plan and follow up on the measures implanted
  • Information and formation of employees on risk prevention
  • Vigilance of employees health

A labour inspection can be very harmful to your business productivity and reputation.

We have a team of professionals that can represent you in a labour inspection in order to minimize the repercussions of such. Hefty fines can be avoided when receiving expert advice.

Personnel selection is a very important process with great repercussions in the future growth of your company.

We can take over this crucial task while you can devote your time to the development of your business. We have the tools and know the different methodologies to perform to the highest level tailor-made service to meet your requirements.

The importance of doing regular labour audits and due diligence is because it allows you to analyze the business risks your company is incurring into.

We offer you a global vision on the current situation of your company in the labour area so that you can take the best way forward.

We will help you identify the European, state, regional and local subsidies your business can benefit from.



Our Labour Consultancy team offers legal representation in litigation processes before the Labour Courts and Governmental Employment Authorities.

Our team is highly qualified and has broad experience in representing and protecting our client’s rights before the Labour Courts and in Arbitration processes.

We specialize first and foremost in advising on how to achieve full compliance with the labour legislationain a clear and economical way.

  • Registration and de-registration of employees in the Social Security
  • Preparation and registration of contracts
  • Monthly payslip production
  • Revenue payslip production
  • Statutory sick pay and statutory maternity pay
  • Stakeholder processing and payment
  • Statutory Social Security pay
  • Preparation of forms related to the quarterly deductions on employees and self-employed worker providing services to the company.
  • Year end forms for all the deductions applied during the year


We provide in-company tailor made training, proposals of methodology, follow up and personalized tutorials.

We teach executive skills, management techniques and personal and group development. Our approach is oriented to each person and their professional growth within the company.