Golden Visa

Golden Visa in Spain or Schengen Area

The Golden Visa is a type of temporary residence that can be accessed by citizens of non-EU nationality who want to have freedom of movement to spend the time they want in Spain or the Schengen area.

By making an investment in Spain, any non-EU citizen can obtain this residence permit.

Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to accompany you during the application and investment process. We will help you evaluate the different investment options to choose the one that best suits your particular situation.

Our tax advisory services and legal advice allow us to create multidisciplinary teams to offer you innovative, practical and personalized solutions.

Benefits of Golden Visa

  • Obtaining a residence permit
  • To circulate through the Schengen area without the need for a visa
  • Access to permanent residence
  • Family reunification
  • No obligation to stay in Spain for renewal
  • No need to acquire tax residence
  • To maintain and renew this visa, the investor will only have to enter Spain once a year
  • Valid for 2 years with possibility to renew it indefinitely if the investment is maintained

Invesment Options

Requirest to Invest

  • Show that you have sufficient funds to make the required investment and be able to explain the origin of such funds
  • Have no criminal record in Spain and in the countries where you have resided in the last 5 years
  • Experience in business or investment management
  • Have an investment plan
  • Make the required investment depending on the option chosen
  • Being over 18 years
  • Have sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family, during the period of residence in Spain

Documentatio Required

  • Valid passport
  • Photograph
  • Public or private health insurance with coverage in Spain
  • Proof of sufficient financial means to support yourself and your family during the period of residence in Spain
  • For family members, it will be essential to provide the certificates and proofs that prove the bond with the investor (Birth Certificates for children, Marriage Certificates for the spouse)
  • Documents confirming professional and/ or business activity (such as a job certificate, employment history)
  • Business and financial plan
  • Original criminal record certificate
  • Receipt of payment of visa fees

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