Internal control of companies


At UHY Fay & Co we put at your service an expert team specialized in improving the internal control of companies, reducing the chances of non-compliance with the different regulations. Our team uses a methodology based on generally accepted international compliance standards.

Prevention of criminal risks
Prevention of money laundering
Data Protection

Prevention of criminal risks

Criminal risk prevention models are an exempting or mitigating element of the criminal liability of the legal person and therefore of the administrators. Companies must implement an effective crime detection and prevention model according to the nature of their activities and the corresponding risks associated with them. The implementation of a Criminal Risk Prevention Model that meets the requirements established by law,  the following processes must be met:

  1. Identify the activities in which crimes can be discussed.
  2. Establish the protocols or procedures that specify the process of formation of the will of the legal person, of decision-making and of the execution thereof in relation to those.
  3. Establish models of management of financial resources adequate to prevent the commission of crimes.
  4. Impose the obligation to report possible risks and breaches to the body in charge of monitoring the operation of the model.
  5. Establish a disciplinary system that adequately sanctions non-compliance with the measures established by the model.
  6. Review the model periodically and, where appropriate, its eventual modification.

These models must be accompanied by supervision and diligent surveillance of their operation, always leaving evidence of all the mechanisms and records of the system for their use as proof of compliance. Outsourcing will ensure independence and transparency throughout the process.

Prevention of money laundering

Spain has stringent rules and regulations on the prevention of money laundering. As a result, these new regulations affects a greater number of activities and professions.

We have a team specialized in this subject capable of solving all doubts and helping to apply the money laundering prevention regulations perfectly.

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Data Protection

Analysis, diagnosis, and evaluation of risks because data privacy and protection is getting increasingly complex, mostly since the approval of the New Regulations of the Data Protection Law (LOPD-Spanish acronym) that will be enforced from next March 2018, above the existing LOPD and the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Law (LSSI-Spanish acronym and the European project for the harmonization of regulations regarding the use of cookies.

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In Spain, companies with over 250 employees are obliged, by their collective agreement or the specific labour authority of the territory, to implant an equality plan.

Our team of experts will help you implement an Equality Plan that fits your structure, a plan that will add value by improving the reputation of your company.

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