Getting to know us

UHY Fay & Co

UHY Fay & Co was founded with the vocation of offering the highest quality service, the commitment of making our clients succeed by delivering ad-hoc integral advisory services and the objective of establishing long-term relationships with our clients as their trusted advisors.

More information about UHY Fay & Co

Top 20 Firm

We are currently amongst the top 20 firms of professional firms at a national and international level. (Source: Ranking Expansion, International ranking IAB)

Global reach

In Spain, we have a wide national structure of offices located in the most important cities.

Globally, through our international network, UHY, we have access to over 300 offices in more than 100 countries, and are able to create multidisciplinary and multicultural teams with over 8.000 professionals.

Corporate social responsibility

UHY Fay & Co has introduced different CSR measures that translate into a number of economic, social and environmental commitments that add value to the firm’s compliance of all its legal obligations, and has the objective of contributing to the social and economic progress within the framework of a sustainable development.

Gold Star to Excellence

The Golden Star granted to UHY Fay & Co by the Institute for Professional Excellence is a symbol that reflects its ethics, professionalism and results. The Firm capacity to innovate and to promote economic and social development with a philosophy oriented to provide maximum quality services in accordance with its strong social corporate responsibility practices.

Approachable individuals

Clients like working with approachable and down-to-earth individuals who can offer innovative and practical solutions tailor-made to client’s needs.

The UHY culture makes the difference for our clients. We are aware of each firm’s specialist sector knowledge and each other’s individual expertise. Furthermore, members are familiar with each other on a personal level through meeting and working together regularly. This cohesiveness differentiates us from other international networks.

Quality, our strong value

Quality is one of our main values, all the professionals that work in the firm have a deep knowledge of their specialty combined with a solid track record of meeting client’s needs timely, effectively and efficiently.