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Corporate finance

Our mergers and acquisitions team help clients with their corporate finance operations: mergers and acquisitions, financial investor advice, management team advice, business plan development and strategic and financial advice.

Our experience in corporate finance shows us that controlled strategic growth guarantees good results.

We offer

Mergers and acquisitions
Business plan
Feasibility studies
Financial risk analysis
Strategic business advice
Financial planning
Alternative equity market (MAB)

Mergers and acquisitions

Our team of professionals have the technical, industry and geographic knowledge to provide an integral independent advice focused to get the most of every transaction. We can advise in the following areas:

    • Selection of targets and future challenges
    • Risk analysis
    • Initial approaches
    • Business assessment and/or due diligence
    • Financial audit
    • Heads of agreement
    • Timetable and planning
    • Financing plan
    • Strategic plan


  • Preparation and presentation
  • Competitor analysis and finding the best buyer
  • Negotiations and vendor protection
  • Valuation and getting the right price
  • Tax mitigation and investment planning


  • Preparation of the Business Model
  • Financial modelling and business valuation
  • Market research
  • Business Plan (prevision of P&L, Cash-flow and timetable)

Business plan

Business environments change creating as many opportunities as it does threats. Independent business plans are recommended to business owners to have a clear and objective global view of their business in order to take decisions.

We have a multidisciplinary corporate finance department that will help you value your business from all the necessary perspectives.

Feasibility studies

Our corporate finance team, with professionals specialized in economics, law, taxation, accounting and financial auditing, will help you undertake a tailor-made feasibility study to:

  • Identify problems and business opportunities
  • Determine objectives
  • Describe the current situation
  • Define successful results
  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of each alternative

We are prepared to help you develop a business, strategic and financing plan that achieves the objectives of the company.

Financial risk analysis

We will help you manage the financial risks facing your company with the purpose to forecast the threats and maximize the profitability of the opportunities that emerge.

We will carry out a financial audit to make a global in-depth analysis of your company’s risks to implant a risk management system that will keep the equilibrium between risk and profit.

Strategic business advice

We have a very specialized corporate finance team with long experience in offering strategic financial advice to offer:

    • Business valuations and shareholder value
    • Exit strategies
    • Financial audit
    • Key management incentive schemes
    • Succession planning and development strategy
    • Optimum financial structure

Financial planning

We offer a first level corporate finance and financial advice service to carry out the financing plan that your company needs.

  • Private equity
  • Management Buy-Outs
  • Preparation of the Business Model
  • Financial modelling and business valuation
  • Recommend you who to approach:
    • Banks
    • Specialised lenders
    • Investors
    • Private investors
    • Financial and institutional investors
  • Negotiating terms
  • Due Diligence and documentation
  • Investor or lender relationship management

At your request, and if necessary, we will:

  • review your finances regularly with you
  • provide valuations automatically at agreed review points and upon request
  • send you regular communications on financial planning opportunities
  • Carry out a financial audit

Alternative equity market (MAB)

Our corporate finance department can help you take all the necessary steps to be listed on the Alternative Equity Market (Mab).

We will recommend you to carry out a financial audit to have a real vision of the financial situation of your company. The financial advisor who manages your operation will guide you all the way.