Alternative equity market (MAB)

MaB is a market for small companies looking to expand, with a special set of regulations, designed specifically for them with costs and processes tailored to their particular characteristics.

In addition to these, other companies listed on the MaB are the SICAV (Variable Capital Investment Companies), the SOCIMI (Real Estate Market Investment Companies) or the ECR (Venture Capital Entities).

Why would you be listed in the MAB?

Since its creation in 2009, this market has experienced exponential growth in the number of operations and financing.

The Alternative Equity Market – MaB– helps companies benefit from the advantages offered by the market:

  • Financing
  • Visibility
  • Liquidity
  • Valuations

These opportunities can form a virtuous circle in the expansion of companies. The increased visibility of the company facilitates access to more investors and, therefore, to more efficient financing; also, a greater number of investors increases the liquidity of the shares and contributes to an objective valuation of the company in the market.

How to be listed in the MaB?

MaB has adapted existing procedures so that companies can be listed without having to renounce a correct degree of transparency. All companies must designate a Registered Advisor, specialist professionals who will assist companies during the process, starting with their inclusion in the market up until the day they are listed.

We are specialized in the analysis and preparation of financial information, we are supervised by the ICAC and authorized by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME), the operator of all stock Markets and financial systems in Spain, to operate as a Registered Advisor of the MaB and can assist you during the whole process.

As a Registered Advisor, UHY Fay & Co will assess the suitability of your company to be listed in the MaB. Once incorporated, we will advice you permanently as each company must have a Registered Advisor appointed at all times.

International Consulting

UHY Fay & Co and its global network of offices, located in more than 100 countries with over 300 offices, allows us to offer the highest quality consulting services to buyers and sellers of any business sector worldwide.

We offer corporate finance and financial advisory services wherever this and whatever business you are interested in developing that will include, if necessary, a global transfer pricing strategy that will maximize transaction efficiency and minimize tax risks.

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