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We have a multidisciplinar legal advisory department that will cover your legal needs through an integral service.

Our team is specialized in the different areas of the law.

We offer

Administrative law
Civil law
Commercial law
International and European law
Labour and employment law
Litigation and Arbitration
Insolvency & Turnaround
New technologies and data protection
Secretarial services
Non profit organizations

Administrative law


  • General and special urban planning
  • Urban management
  • Elaboration of urban contracts, public and private
  • Advisory on urban inspections
  • Certificate of occupancy
  • Disqualification of properties


  • Processing of licensing and all related procedures complying with the existing regulation
  •  Initial control proceedings and periodic revisions, legalization of activities, environmental protective plans
  • Environmental evaluation reports, Environmental Impact Declaration (EID)
  • Exploitation of water, tax, legalization of water wells, water concesions and hidrological plans
  • Special activities: mining industry concesions, maps for mining activity and other of environmental impact


  • Participation and advisory during the entire process following the administrative via before the Provincial Expropiation Jury intervenes
  • Procedure in the administrative litigation via


  • Advisory and participation in procedures related to employees of the public administration
  • Legal claim of triennium increments, suplementary or specific payments
  • Procedures related to professional career
  • Incompatibilities regime


  • Advisory and participation in the presentation of  public construction tenders:
  • Selection of the contract procedure
  • Design of the public-private collaboration terms
  • Preparation of the dossier
  • Analysis and optimization of resources
  • Contingencies arising during the execution or settlement of contracts and execution of guarantees


  • Pharmaceutical regulatory authorizations
  • Opening and transfer of a pharmacy
  • Medicine registry
  • Clinical trials


  • Participation in all type of administrative procedures
  • Administrative litigation

Civil law


  • Advisory, elaboration and filing of all type of documentation related to aplications for nationality, tutelage or guardianship, declaration of absence and death, marriage settlement, divorce, separation and marriage nullity
  • Matters related to adoption and parent-child relationships. Analysis and advisory in cases of succession because of death or by virtue of a title, wills or divisions
  • Advisory and elaboration of projects, studies and documents related to civil companies


  • Advisory, negotiation and elaboration of rental or lease agreements for all types of property and premises, as well as hotel lease and management agreements.


  • Advisory on all legal aspects and types of agreements relating to the real estate industry. Horizontal law, property registry, sales and purchase transactions, corporate restructurings, guarantees, etc.
  • Documents and studies related to the promotion of buildings, commercial centres, residences, etc
  • Constitution, modification and extinguishment of real rights.

Commercial law


  • Constitution of companies and creation of company structures
  • Acquisition and selling of companies LBOs and MBOs
  • Mergers and demerger of companies and group of companies
  • Venture capital or private equity investments
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Corporate reorganisation
  • Preparation and assistance to shareholder meetings or boards of directors
  • Impugment of social agreements, defense of shareholders, etc.


  • Advisory on financing agreements, guarantees, sindicated credits, loans, special agreements for financial products and banking agreements.
  • Securitization of assets


  • Pension plans and pension funds
  • Advisory on insurance agreements
  • Advisory in the areas of regulation and supervision


  • Advisory, preparation, application and guidance in insolvency proceedings
  • Advisory and formalization of anticipated agreement
  • Participation in the calification process
  • Defense in reimbursement actions
  • Elaboration of agreement proposals and viability plans


  • Advisory in the preparation, presentation, negotiation, conclusion and development of all type of mercantile agreements
  • Advisory related to agreement with consumers and users


  • Advisory in the preparation, presentation, negotiation, conclusion and development of all type of mercantile agreements
  • Advisory related to agreement with consumers and users

International and European law


  • Advice on the International commercial contracting: negotiation phase, interpretation of the clauses of the contract, choice of the law applicable to the contract and competent jurisdiction in the event of a dispute.
  • Family law: marriage (recognition in Spain of marriages contracted abroad), pre-nuptial agreement, divorce, inheritance (European certificate of succession, comparative law), adoption.
  • Immigration law.
  • Cross-border notification, cross-border evidence-taking.
  • Recognition and enforcement of judgements issued abroad or arbitral awards, judicial application of foreign law


  • Advice on procedures related to compliance and application of European legislation and jurisprudence
  • Analysis and monitoring of the implications of European sectoral legislation and policies
  • Free movement of goods, services, people and capital, and Freedom of establishment
  • Internal market and Competition Law
  • Consumer Law
  • European contractual and non-contractual liability

Labour and employment law

  • Labour Contracts
  • Human Resources
  • Collective Negotiation & Labour Relations
  • Labour Reorganization & Decentralization
  • Litigation
  • Administrative Procedures
  • Social Security & Prevision Systems
  • Expatriates & Impatriates

Litigation and Arbitration


  • Represent and defend clients in all type of proceedings
  • Design and implementation of pre-litigation strategies
  • Resolve conflicts through arbitration,  litigation, or agreements
  • Recognition and execution of foreign judgements
  • Manage multi-jurisdictional disputes


  • Represent and defend clients in criminal proceedings, with special expertise in crimes related to financial criminal law
  • Criminal due diligence (risk assessment) in order to evaluate, prevent and warn on possible corporate offenses


  • Represent and defend clients in proceeding against the administration before all jurisdictional authorities


  • Arbitration and resolution of extra-judicial conflicts
  • Representation of clients on wrongful dismissals
  • Representation and defend companies against individual conflicts of workers. Collective agreements presented by workers or sindicates


  • Arbitration and resolution of extra-judicial conflicts
  • Representation of clients on wrongful dismissals
  • Representation and defend companies against individual conflicts of workers. Collective agreements presented by workers or sindicates

Insolvency & Turnaround

We have over 20 years of experience assisting clients with cases of bankruptcy, insolvency and arrangements with creditors. We offer our knowledge to protect your interests.

  • Pre-insolvency advisory
  • Claim to request creditors agreement
  • Advisory during insolvency proceedings
  • Defense of creditors during proceedings

New technologies and data protection


  • Legal advice on e-commerce and online sales and services
  • Digital signature, e-contracts of products, certification policies
  • Electronic invoice of products and services, tax compliance policies
  • Contracts, product policies and services related to internet and web sites
  • Contracts, licence and hardware development


  • Analysis to check compliance with existing normative and elaboration of report with recommended measures to be taken
  • Elaboration of Security Document and contracts and supporting documentation required to gather personal data
  • Registry and modification of private files containing personal data in the Spanish General Administration of Data Protection (AEPD) and the respective Agencies of the different Spanish communities
  • Data protection audit
  • Legal advice on sanctions opened by the AEPD

Secretarial services

We help you comply with the Law and the numerous resulting duties that can be a hefty administrative burden.

Outsourcing your company’s secretarial administration lightens this burden and brings many benefits, including direct access to professional advisers, increased efficiency and cost savings.

  • Maintenance of statutory records
  • Statutory filing requirements
  • Meetings and minutes

Non profit organizations

  • Advice in the constitution of these type of organisations
  • Creation and adaptation of statues, structure and operation of its government and management bodies
  • General secretary of associations, fundations, sport entities, etc.
  • Legal and executive supervision of daily management
  • Advice in its relation with governmental bodies