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We have a team of lawyers who are experts in the different areas of the legal practice. Our objective is to offer legal advice that defends your interests and achieves your objectives, whether they are private or business.

Clients like working with our team of lawyers because they are approachable and down-to-earth professionals that offer services of the highest quality in an ethical and rigorous way.

We offer

Administrative law
Civil law
Real estate law
Labor law
Corporate law and commercial law
Litigation and Arbitration

Administrative law

We offer specialized legal advice in administrative law, addressing its different areas with a team of professionals with extensive experience and degree of specialization, both lawyers and legal advisers.

This structure allows us to offer our clients an integral and specialized legal advisory service in the different areas of the law.

– Governmental contracts

– Pharma services

– Administrative procedures

– Urbanism and real estate

– Environmental

– Public tender

– Government employment

Civil law

We offer specialized legal advice in civil law, covering the different areas of specialization:


  • Advisory, elaboration and filing of all type of documentation related to aplications for nationality, tutelage or guardianship, declaration of absence and death, marriage settlement, divorce, separation and marriage nullity
  • Matters related to adoption and parent-child relationships. Analysis and advisory in cases of succession because of death or by virtue of a title, wills or divisions
  • Advisory and elaboration of projects, studies and documents related to civil companies


  • Advisory, negotiation and elaboration of rental or lease agreements for all types of property and premises, as well as hotel lease and management agreements.


  • Advisory on all legal aspects and types of agreements relating to the real estate industry. Horizontal law, property registry, sales and purchase transactions, corporate restructurings, guarantees, etc.
  • Documents and studies related to the promotion of buildings, commercial centres, residences, etc
  • Constitution, modification and extinguishment of real rights.


In all real estate operations the tax repercussions must be carefully controlled, both for direct, indirect and local tax purposes.

The real estate sector has a very specific tax system, there are different tax regimes applicable to real estate operations. Therefore, it is important to receive the advice of tax experts to avoid incurring excessive tax burdens or unnecessary risks.

Real estate law

We are specialized in offering an integral legal advisory service applicable to all types of real estate transactions. We have a multidisciplinary team specialized in each of the legal disciplines involved in this type of operations: sale, leasing, real estate financing or promotion and construction contracts.

Labor law

We have a team of lawyers specialized in labor law, we provide a comprehensive approach to solve all the day-to-day questions of business operations.

Our team is highly qualified and has extensive experience in optimizing labor management. In addition, our labor lawyers are permanently alert to changes in labor law to resolve your doubts and questions efficiently.

  • Labor Contracts
  • Human Resources
  • Collective Negotiation & Labor Relations
  • Labor Reorganization & Decentralization
  • Arbitration & Litigation
  • Administrative & Judicial Procedures
  • Social Security & Prevision Systems
  • Expatriates & Impatriates

Corporate law and commercial law

The firm’s Commercial Law department has a team of lawyers specialized in commercial advice to national and international companies.

Through our international UHY network, we have offices in more than 100 countries, allowing us to offer a specialized international service and integral solutions that consider all areas of business practice and different jurisdictions.

We advise our clients globally with full guarantee of quality and responsiveness.

Litigation and Arbitration

We have a high degree of specialization and extensive professional experience in defending the interests of individuals and legal entities.

PREVENTION: we are able to anticipate conflicts that may occur in situations of change (buy and sale operations, moving to another country, changes within the family) or creation (incorporation of companies, new projects or businesses) to minimize the risks of future legal problems.

NEGOTIATION AND MEDIATION: We have long experience in conflict resolution, and we try, as far as possible, to avoid litigation.

LITIGATION: in cases where it has not been possible to avoid litigation, we act in arbitration proceedings, in disputes brought before the courts of justice and before the main national and international courts.