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Family Owned Businesses

For the continuity of the family owned business, it is best to lay down the regulatory bases of the company since its inception, to delimit the fields of action of the family and the company avoiding interferences.

We offer

Succession planning
Legal and tax planning of the family business and wealth
Family business and wealth governance
Family owned businesess transactions

Succession planning

We have a multidisciplinary team that offers all services related to family owned businesses succession plans. The main objective of the Family Owned Business Succession Plan is to guarantee the continuity of the company and avoid conflicts between the heirs due to lack of strategic foresight. T

Our services regarding family owned business succession cover the following areas:

  • Analysis of continuity scenarios and design of the family succession plan
  • Analysis and establishment of optimal corporate and asset structures
  • Mediation and dispute resolution.
  • Establishment of the family office to optimize returns on family assets.

Legal and tax planning of the family business and wealth

Our team of lawyers offer family owned businesses in Spain an in-depth analysis and implementation of corporate and equity structures that reduce and adapt the taxation of the family owned business to tax incentives and current regulations.

Family business and wealth governance

We are a family owned business with more than 35 years of experience serving other family owned businesses in Spain. We know well how they work and we have lawyers specialized in the design of family owned businesess governance structures:

  • Board of directors
  • Family advisory board
  • Family business protocol
  • Family business memorandum

It is vital for the family owned businesses in Spain to have protocols that include the agreements reached by the  family which seeks to guarantee the continuity of the company in the hands of the family. Furthermore, one of the keys to the proper functioning of family owned businesses is to have statutes that efficiently regulate the family business

Family owned businesess transactions

Our mergers and acquisitions team help family owned businesses with their corporate finance operations: mergers and acquisitions, financial investor advice, management team advice, business plan development and strategic and financial advice.

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