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We provide objective evidence to solve conflicts

Litigation, Arbitration, Insolvency

Most of the economical, technological or industrial property disputes originate because of different views between workers, providers and clients in commercial transactions, or between partners in projects with common objectives.


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We offer

  • Represent and defend clients in all type of proceedings
  • Design and implementation of pre-litigation strategies
  • Resolve conflicts through arbitration,  litigation, or agreements
  • Recognition and execution of foreign judgements
  • Manage multi-jurisdictional disputes

  • Represent and defend clients in criminal proceedings, with special expertise in crimes related to financial criminal law
  • Criminal due diligence (risk assessment) in order to evaluate, prevent and warn on possible corporate offenses

Criminal compliance focuses in 5 main objectives:

  • Prevent crime
  • Detect crime
  • Manage criminal risks
  • Present the program established in the company and its practical application
  • Prove to third parties the existence of a criminal compliance program

  • Arbitration and resolution of extra-judicial conflicts
  • Representation of clients on wrongful dismissals
  • Representation and defend companies against individual conflicts of workers.
  • Collective agreements presented by workers or sindicates

  • Represent and defend clients in proceeding against the administration before all jurisdictional authorities

  • Pre-insolvency advisory
  • Claim to request creditors agreements
  • Advisory during insolvency proceedings
  • Defense of creditors during proceedings