We keep you informed


UHY Fay & Co provides useful information that may be relevant to your
business, for strategic decision-making and to keep abreast of
topics of national and international interest.

Brochure of Services

In this section we provide you with information on the specific services we offer on the various professional areas we have expertise in.
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Capability Statement

An annual publication showcasing the breadth and depth of UHY member firms’ services and cross-border business development capabilities presented through a series of client case studies.
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UHY Global

UHY member firms understand the choices and challenges you face in a fast-moving and competitive world full of opportunities and risks. Through UHY Global we want to share a little…
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Doing Business Guides

Prepared by UHY’s member firms, each ‘Doing Business’ guide covers country specific business information you need to consider should you wish to pursue business interests there.
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The challenge of Sustainability

A book, written in Spanish, by Max Gosch and Andrea Duque, managing partner and CSR manager from our offices in Madrid, with the aim to fill the information void relating…
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Global Transfer Pricing Guide

Esta guía ha sido creada para facilitar una referencia para profesionales especializados en el asesoramiento tributario y financiero de multinacionales y empresas que realicen operaciones vinculadas.
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Global Directory

The UHY global real estate guide has been developed to provide property investors with information on rules and regulations from over 70 countries featured in the guide, covering areas such…
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UHY International

A través de UHY International, nuestra red global, podemos asesorar a nuestros clientes de forma personalizada y global.
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