Capability Statement

An annual publication showcasing the breadth and depth of UHY member firms’ services and cross-border business development capabilities presented through a series of client case studies.

Capability Statement 2021

Filo Srl is one of Italy’s super startups, a smart-tech company flourishing in the Internet of Things (IoT) sector. Developing and manufacturing bluetooth-enabled tracking tags, Filo was hailed as one of Italy’s top 100 startups of 2015.

Capability Statement 2020

Dolph Lundgren, a Swedish setled in Los Angeles, who is an actor, screenwriter, producer and director, talks about his business and personal relationship, which dates back 20 years, with Bernard Fay.

Capability Statement 2019

Cash Converters, global líder of retail pawnbroking company acknowledges that: “whatever the future holds the UHY network can support it”

Capability Statement 2018

Our client, Sunseeker, seller of luxury Watches worldwide, comments its experience with the services provided by UHY in the different countries where they operate.

Capability Statement 2017

In this issue, our Client Grupo Arbulu, and five other global companies, explain why they have chosen us.

Capability Statement 2016

BetexPack, a client of the food sector, talks about their challenges and opportunities. Also, compaies from very diverse sectors: sport apparel, training and consultancy, Human Resources, mining, automotive, chemical, and food.

Capability Statement 2015

Staar Surgical chose us because they needed our tax expertise to fulfill their objectives. Other companies like AGM, Connected Wind Services, Datalab, Mimco Plc, Scienion, SigmaQ, and Zöllner, also needed our help to succeed.

Capability Statement 2014

La Zagaleta, one of the most important luxury resorts in Europe, chose us because of our international reach.

Capability Statement 2013

Dr Health Care, from the biochemistry sector, feels we are trustworthy and very professional.

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