UHY Global

UHY member firms understand the choices and challenges you face in a fast-moving and competitive world full of opportunities and risks. Through UHY Global we want to share a little of the diversity, the thinking and the difference that a global UHY team can make.

UHY Global, a twice-yearly magazine that gives our readers insight into international business topics, featuring thought-leading opinions and experiences from global contributors including UHY member firms, leaders of UHY service and industry groups and external sources. A true representation of what UHY is about.

Global 15

- Asia-Pacific partnership
- Technology marches on
- Uruguay's new force in Hospitality

Global 14

- European Recovery And ‘Next Generation’ Funding
- Have We Reached Peak M&A?
- Choosing the right partner is the key to success

Global 13

- The triumph of sustainability
- The fight against money laundering
- Crypto at crossroads

Global 12

- Startup surge after the pandemic
- Corporate credentials under scrutiny
- Satying ahead of cybercriminals

Global 11

- Flying colors, Central America poised for vibrant future
- Back in the game, football’s road to recovery
- Home, hot desk or hybrid, the post covid new habits

Global 10

- Going public – IPOs and private finance
- Joining the club – emerging economies in the 2020s
- Making cities smarter – truly connected for life and work

Global 9

- A global thirst for content creates unprecedented opportunities
- Entertaining the world
- Making wealth work harder

Global 8

- Under pressure. Can ethical investment save the planet?
- The price of protection. New world order.
- Faith or hope in charity?

Global 7

- Can AI make us better?
- Eastern promise
- Luxury at any price

Global 6

- Direction of travel
- Pitfalls or potential
- The rise and rise of the electric car

Global 5

- Can AI make us better?
- Eastern promise
- Luxury at any price
- Sun, sea and citizenship

Global 4

- Continental Shift – Doing Business in the New Africa
- Is the future alternative?
- Smart buildings reach for the skies

Global 3

- The future untethered
- Why artificial intelligence is good for us
- Turning the tide on cybercrime
- China’s changing fortunes

Global 2

- ASEAN: powerhouse potential
- Think city, think local: global megatrends
- Where start-ups succeed

Global 1

- Base erosion profit shifting – BEPS
- The challenges of internationalization
- What’s happening in the automotive sector and supply chain


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