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A global skill set...

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We offer a full set of services that range from compliance of tax, legal and accounting requirements to highly specialised ad-hoc projects with the added value that provides the coordination of the different areas of expertise

Our Audit & Assurance services help you meet your local and international statutory and regulatory requirements. Most importantly, we offer optimum solutions to meet your specific needs.


We offer tax advice to structure specific transactions, whether they are acquisitions, disposals, reorganisations or property deals.

Our team of specialized tax advisors will help you, or your company, to choose the right way forward.


We have a multidisciplinar legal advisory department that will cover your legal needs through an integral service.

Our team is specialized in the different areas of the law.

We have worked alongside privately owned businesses for many years so we understand your needs and have built expertise to provide solutions to your problems.

We will help you design the best corporate structure, the one that guarantees that dividends, interest and rights and taken into account and allow maximum profitability.

Our corporate finance team offers a multi-disciplinary service and it offers job-specific experience to brings you the best results. Most importantly, our objective is to offer sound economic, financial, and strategic advisory to guarantee the future of your company.

The internationalization of a business is a strategy that has demonstrated its value.

Our competitive edge is the fact that we have access to more than 300 offices in more than 100 countries which allows us to offer local knowledge and support through the corresponding office in the target region.

Our team is highly qualified and have extensive experience in optimizing labour management. Besides that, they are permanently alert to modifications on Labour legislations to solve your doubts and questions efficiently.

Our objective is to improve your business. Not only do we maintain a detailed accounting record, we analyze the trends of the operations and the financial ratios.



We have a team of experts specialized in helping organizations fight cyberattacks. We can offer the global services you need, our international network has 300 offices in over 100 countries.

Most of the economical, technological or industrial property disputes originate because of different views between workers, providers and clients in commercial transactions, or between partners in projects with common objectives.


Today, the balance between economic and social development must be in the agenda of every company. Nevertheless, good strategic planning results in costs reduction and income increase.



Corporate Social Responsibility is the voluntary contribution to social, economic and environmental development carried out by companies to improve their competitiveness and added value.

It does not always requires new actions by the companies. In many cases, a change in the management of its main activity, including certain criteria and controll of human resources, is enough.

Legislation on transfer pricing has changed significantly. We offer professional and independent advisory, to national and international companies, to comply with the obligations of each country.


Spain has stringent rules and regulations on the prevention of money laundering. As a result, these new regulations affects a greater number of activities and professions.