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Labor Law

The labor law is one of the key areas of management and direction, especially in the changing and global environment in which companies operate.

Our team of labor lawyers has extensive experience in optimizing labor management.

We offer

Labor contracts
Human resources
Collective negotiation & labor relations
Labor reorganization & decentralization
Arbitration & litigation
Administrative & judicial procedures
Social security & prevision systems
Expatriates & impatriates

Labor contracts

  • Elaboration of agreements with employees with a special relationship with the company that require special protection (exclusivity, confidentiality, full dedication, non-competence, permanence, labor inventions) and consideration when signing the contract.
  • Geographical and functional mobility issues and other substantial modifications to working conditions.
  • Working hours, vacations, absences and sanctions related to employees
  • Resolution of the employment relationship at the request of the company and legal defense in legal proceedings before the Social Court
  • Hiring and termination of employment contracts for senior managers
  • Labor legal advice for the termination and termination of senior management contracts, legal and practical procedures
  • Employment and termination of contracts with workers from abroad, European Community and other countries.

Human resources

Remuneration packages

  • Pension plans and Social Security
  • Manuals on conduct policies and protocols
  • Equal Opportunity Plan
  • Welcome manual
  • Manual of benefits

Collective negotiation & labor relations

  • Collective agreements
  • Labor Legal advice on restructuring, reorganization, partial or total closings, collective dismissals, employment regulation processes, early retirement, income systems and relocations
  • Design of strategic plans for its execution: social plan and contingency plan within the employment regulation file
  • Implementation of substantial modifications to collective employment contracts
  • Management of the strike and other collective conflicts
  • Representation of the company in its relations with unions
  • Management of lockout

Labor reorganization & decentralization

  • Labor and Social Security legal audit
  • Transfer / succession of company
  • Outsourcing

Arbitration & litigation

  • Arbitration and extrajudicial conflict resolution
  • Dismissals: legal assistance in the judicial and administrative procedures
  • Defense and representation of the company in individual conflicts that may occur after the termination of the employment relationship
  • Collective conflicts raised by workers or unions before the different competent bodies

Administrative & judicial procedures

  • Legal advisory before the Labor Inspection
  • Sanctioning procedures
  • Work accidents
  • Settlement of Social Security debts
  • Judicial-administrative appeals in labor and social security matters

Social security & prevision systems

  • Subsidies and bonuses for hiring
  • Legal advice on Social Security regimes applicable to the various situations that may arise within the company
  • Legal advice on contributions
  • Processing of administrative and judicial appeals derived from settlements and / or infringement acts initiated by the Labor Inspection
  • Preparation of pension plans
  • Modification of pension commitments in the field of collective bargaining
  • Legal defense in claims derived from the Social Security Office

Expatriates & impatriates

  • Legal advice on the applicable Social Security system
  • Legal advisory and preparation of the contractual clauses of said processes
  • Preparation of allocation letters
  • Development of employee expatriation policies