Equality Plans for Spanish companies

Equality Plans for Spanish companies

In Spain, companies with over 250 employees are obliged, by their collective agreement or the specific labour authority of the territory, to implant an equality plan.

To implant your equality plan, we put at your service a professional team specialized in the development and implantation of equality plans offering the following services:


  1. Development and implantation of ad-hoc equality plans (diagnosis, objectives, training, advisory during negotiations, etc.)
  2. Evaluation reports on the equality plan
  3. Development and implantation of diversity plans for board and committee of directors
  4. Wages audits
  5. Specific plans: prevention of harassment, labour conciliation, professional promotions, etc.
  6. Equality certificate
  7. Grants and subsidies for equality plans
  8. Control over the compliance of the equality plans so that companies acquire the corresponding certificate.


CONTACT:  Andrea Duque

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Equality plans: an opportunity for your company
What is the glass ceiling?

Equality plans: an opportunity for your company

Equality plans are a necessary value for companies from the reputational point of view and to create a healthy and efficient work environment.

What is the glass ceiling?

The glass ceiling is the barrier to advancement in a profession, especially affecting women and members of minorities. Unfortunately, it is a reality and responsible companies should implant equality plans to avoid this situation from happening.