What Is And What Does A Tax Advisor?

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The tax advisor helps entrepreneurs to take strategic decisions, since it is very relevant to know in advance the taxation associated with certain operations, new business projects, reorganization operations such as mergers, acquisitions or joint Ventures.



The tax advisor is a key player in any company, whether internal or external, since control of compliance with the tax obligations of a company or groups of companies is essential given the complexity of the current tax system, both nationally and internationally.

The tax advisor also represents the company before the Tax Administration or in contentious-administrative appeals. It also helps entrepreneurs define their transfer pricing policy.

The tax advisor provides a very personalized service, trying at all times to cover needs and reduce costs by optimizing all the tax aspects of the company, at a national and international level. On many occasions the tax advisor creates multidisciplinary teams, with accounting experts and lawyers, in order to offer an integral service that takes into account the different aspects that affect each business operation from a tax perspective.


Although we have already discussed what are the tax advisors’ main features, we will better detail what services they can provide:

  • Designing the optimal investment structure for companies, businesses or groups.
  • International advice to companies with commercial activity in different countries.
  • Completion of tax settlements in a timely manner. Always trying to optimize the tax burden of clients within the parameters imposed by current legislation.
  • Tax advice in reorganization or business restructuring operations such as mergers, acquisitions, change of residence, or joint Ventures.
  • Specialized tax advice to owned family businesses.
  • Tax consolidation, internal restructuring, advice on corporation tax, VAT and other indirect taxes.
  • Advice on non-resident income tax, valuing existing double taxation agreements.
  • Advice on the preparation and compliance of the transfer pricing policy.
  • Advice on tax and contentious-administrative processes representing companies in the most effective way to achieve the objectives set.
  • Advice on the regulation of the various customs procedures.
  • Advice and compliance with the different local, regional and national taxes on a permanent and updated basis.
  • Permanent update on tax matters. Tax systems are increasingly complex and changing, so it is necessary to be constantly updated.

As we can see, the issues covered by a tax advisor are many and varied and, above all, of great importance for companies, since good advice can lead to a reduction in costs. It is important to have a tax advisor with the necessary training and experience to offer tax advice with a comprehensive and efficient approach.

For more information on tax advisory services offered by UHY Fay & Co. and if you need to make an inquiry please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you without obligation.

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